Catrina & Julian Go Hollywood Glam

Catrina and Julian chose their fifteenth anniversary to get married. Saturday, July 5, 2014 marked the day of their Hollywood chic affair and this glam couple did not disappoint. Catrina was utterly dazzling in a Galina Signature wedding gown and Julian looked dashing in his Vera Wang tux.

Concerned for their guests’ enjoyment of the day, Catrina explained, “Our main goal was for everyone to have an unforgettable time. We love to dance and our families love it as well, so entertainment was a huge thing for us.

Golden Cloud Photography was the talent behind the lens and thankfully our friends at Chaffin Cade referred us to them. We’re huge fans of both of these creative brands. Just take a look at a few of these photos and I’m sure you’ll agree that every image is impressive. bride putting on shoes bride putting on earrings glam bride wearing galina signature gown bride sitting on bed smiling bride sitting on bed bride and mom sitting on bed bride and mom bride entering church with mom and dad bride and groom during church ceremony bride and groom praying during church ceremony groom and bride exiting church as husband and wife bride and groom pose post-ceremony bride and groom pose post-ceremony bride and groom standing beneath treesOur theme was Hollywood Chic/Glamour with purple as the main color since it’s the bride’s favorite. We are originally from the Bay Area but have lived in Los Angeles for years now, and we wanted to give our guests a taste of Hollywood.bridal partyWe had an open air photobooth with a red carpet and velvet sanction ropes, similar to what you see in movie premieres. We wanted our guests to feel like stars, so our favors were LED black flashlights with a themed note that read: thank you for being a spotlight in our lives, which is symbolic of the spotlights you see in Hollywood premieres.bride and groom hold sitting on bed bride and groom sitting on bed bride and groom jump on bed bride and groom sit on bed bride and groom kiss on bed bride and groom standing in hotel roomInstead of table numbers, we named each table after a famous Hollywood street. For example, Sunset Blvd., Melrose Ave., Santa Monica Blvd., Venice Blvd., etc.bride and groom standing beneath trees bride and groom hold hands bride and groom groom kisses bride bride and groom Budget advice:

As far as budget, a couple should definitely set a realistic number and not exceed it. The last thing you want is to be in debt after the wedding. Be creative and patient with finding your vendors, supplies, etc. Be sure to plan at least one year ahead so you are not stressing over the planning process and you have time to find the vendors you truly want to work with. In addition, you tend to have more negotiating power when you plan ahead. There are always creative, alternative ways to make your dreams a reality without breaking the bank. Pinterest is a great source, as well as, asking your fellow bride friends what they did. Make a list of what is most important to you, whether it be venue, decorations, or something different then rank them so you know what you are willing to spend the most on and where you can cut back. For us, entertainment was a big priority so we set aside more of our budget for that.

Would you spend more or less on anything?

We feel like we truly planned carefully with everything we did and who we worked with. It was perfect and we wouldn’t change anything!

Advice for future brides?

The best advice I would give to future brides is to enjoy every second of the planning process, even the stressful/challenging ones. It’s a blessed opportunity to do something with your future husband. When you reach the wedding day, you will be able to really appreciate and take in all of the hard work. And when the day finally arrives, have a great time! Unexpected things will happen and may go wrong, but take it with a grain of salt and truly just enjoy your special day. Always keep your focus on the fact that the wedding day is one day, but marriage is a lifetime.

Bonus advice: We would definitely recommend keeping your guests entertained throughout the night and having a song selection everyone can enjoy, so they have a memorable time as well.

Is there anything that didn’t go as planned?

Yes, the seating arrangement. We planned specifically where everyone was seated according to the floor plan we were given; however the floor plan changed a bit that day and tables were not arranged in the venue as we had previously drawn them out. There were two tables out of place, which led to people sitting at the wrong tables. Luckily my mom saw this and handled it with our friends. Thank heavens for great support!

Another thing that didn’t go as planned was during the ceremony. We were incorporating some of our Filipino traditions into our wedding and had prepared a list of everything that needed to be brought to the church, such as a Bible, rosary, matches, etc. When we got to the church, somehow, things were missing. People were scrambling to alleviate the situation and luckily it worked out. Guests within the church were able to provide all of those things and it was such a relief.

Favorite moments?

  • Our number one favorite moment was saying ‘I Do’ in front of our family and friends. It felt so incredible that we took this journey together and got to solidify our union in front of God and become ONE. We have been together for 15 years and each day still feels like the best day ever.
  • Another favorite moment was our first dance. We wanted it to match our personalities, so we choreographed our very own customized dance with songs we related to and, in a sense, told a story of our journey. Our song list included: The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson; How Will I Know by Whitney Houston; Low by Flo Rida; You Are The One That I Want from Grease by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John;  and the last one (a slow dance) was Latch by Disclosure. The groom’s cousin then came out with his saxophone and added the extra flavor to our dance. We practiced in our little room, in front of our mirror, for a week and it turned out flawlessly!

Photographer: Golden Cloud Photography ~ Venue: The Garland ~ Dress designer: Galina Signature ~ Tuxedos: Vera Wang ~ Hair and make-up: Soreya Yann ~ Cake: Portos Bakery ~ DJ: Jordan Lima, Invisible Touch Events ~ Videographer: Light Up ~ Photobooth: Fun Captured Photobooth