10 Great Wedding Gifts for Dad

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Father’s Day 2015 is approaching so I thought I would showcase some great gifts for dad from one of my favorite sites. I discovered Uncommon Goods a few years ago, and it has become my absolutely favorite online destination for unusual and creative gifts.

For any brides who are looking for a perfect wedding gift for their dad, or anyone just looking for a wonderful Father’s Day gift, here’s 10 excellent choices.
A family wine box is a great option to show one’s father you’re not leaving the family, but joining together to create an even bigger one.

This family roots platter is another reminder that you’ll always be a part of the family, but the branches will expand and more roots will grow.

Gift your culinary artisan a recipe journal that can be passed down through generations. Including your own recipe or a short note to dad will be an even more memorable tribute to him.

Indulge your dad in one of his favorite hobbies from the couch or get him started on a series of exploration around the country. Either way, he’ll be busy and not so preoccupied with post-wedding blues, which happens to the best of us including parents.

If your dad likes to keep life interesting and spices up all of his meals, give him the gift of experimentation with this hot sauce kit.

The witticisms of fathers throughout the world have met their match with this profound paperweight. Life needs no invitation to sway off any given path and would make a great addition to your dad’s collection of wisdom.

If you’re leaving your dad and heading to a diverse new residence, or if you’re located in a bustling place of wonder, give your dad the reminder of home with the beautiful and vivid landmarks by Carolyn Gavin.

Show dad he’s still the light of your life as you brighten up his with this super fun and unique lamp. If he’s a fan of anything unusual, or scientific, he’ll love it.

Give dad some space, fridge space, with these heavy duty magnets which allow bottles to hang from the ceiling of refrigerators. He’ll love the ease of grabbing a beer and his elevated dope status when entertaining.

Decorate dad’s walls with his favorite ballpark stadium blueprint. It’s a serious piece of flair for the guy who can’t distinguish between Monet and Manet, but is above card-playing animals.

If you love these suggestions, check out Uncommon Goods for other fun and fabulous products. All of the people in your life will be so thrilled with your thoughtful gift-giving and impressed by the total uniqueness of every item.