Madison & Zeke at Stone Bridge Farms

If their story is any indication of how perfect they are for each other, Allison Lewis wrote about it on her blog. “Her eyes were the first thing that caught his attention but before long, he realized there was much more to love about her than just her sparkling beauty.

So he made up his mind to ask her out.

Excited over his interest but knowing the truth, she broke the news to him that her parents wouldn’t let her date until she was 16. No big deal, he thought, since her birthday’s only a month away. True, but the birthday she was about to celebrate was only her 15th so he’d be waiting more than a year for that first date. After 8 long years of waiting, July 26, 2014 marked the day she finally became his.”

Madison wrote, “I just really wanted my wedding to be beautiful and simple without being over the top. I didn’t have a theme either. I just added details and colors to what I pictured as a perfect day.Stone Bridge Farms was the ideal venue for the rustic elegance Madison described and beautiful was accomplished. cowboy boots and rocking chair wedding gown hanging outside bridal bouquets on rocking chair bride getting ready collage b&w bride and father's first look father of the bride putting necklace on bride bride and father's first look bride standing outside groom standing outside madison and zeke first look collage bride and groom before ceremony bride and groom together before ceremony bride and groom before ceremony bride with bridesmaidsOur personalities do not scream fancy or over the top, so we went with light colors for bridesmaids. They wore blush pink with cowboy boots, while the men wore light grey suits and boots and the colors went great together!bridal party posing outsideI am also a firm believer that you can never get enough baby’s breath, so we sprinkled them over just about anything including some throughout my hair.bride and groom embrace before ceremony bride standing in church madison and zeke's wedding collage madison and zeke's wedding collageFor the table settings, I wanted mainly white and cream flowers intermixed with natural greens and reception at stone bridge farms reception decor at stone bridge farms wedding reception decor at stone bridge farms wedding reception food at stone bridge farms 4 tier white round wedding cake wedding reception at stone bridge farms bride and groom kiss bride and groom walking away Your budget?

We spent around $17,000-$18,000 for our venue at Stone Bridge Farms. The reason why I would recommend this venue is because they are all inclusive, so the price included food, flowers, venue, and setup/cleanup. We paid $300 per cabin to stay there the night before. I spent roughly $3,500 for my photographer and $2,000 for my videographer. Plus we spent about $4,000 for our band, Act of Congress.

Budget breakdown:

Venue: Around $17,000-$18,000
Cabins: $300 per cabin
Photographer: $3,500
Videographer: $2,000
Band: $4,000

Would you spend more or less on anything?

During the whole process of planning a wedding, I really thought hard about my budget and what we needed versus what we didn’t. I don’t think I would change anything about what I did or didn’t spend, but I will say that you really don’t need to overdo it with food. As long as you have a decent variety, you’re good to go. There’s no need to splurge on fancy foods.

Best use of budget?

I do think for sure the best use of my budget was on my photographer, videographer, venue, and band. All four of those exceeded my expectations by far!!

Advice for future brides?

I am always telling my friends that are planning weddings right now to remember to enjoy every single thing you can. It may not seem like it, but it will fly by. I always hated when people told me that because I didn’t want it to fly by, but it’s a good thing that it does because you just get closer and closer to spending forever with your love. I would tell brides that whatever happens on your special day, just remember that it is your day. Let everything and everyone else that gets in the way roll off your shoulders. Make memories and laugh. Relax! I would definitely recommend taking a few minutes, about 20 or 30, in between pictures and walking down the aisle. After all of the pictures and visiting are over, take a few minutes to sit down in the bride’s room and refresh before walking down the aisle.

Is there anything that didn’t go as planned?

There was a moment when all of my bridesmaids were lined up inside of the chapel and ready to walk down the aisle. I was standing outside with my dad getting ready to walk after the bridesmaids, when one of my sisters came bursting through the door screaming, ‘I forgot the ring!’ I had a moment of inner panic but just laughed about it and she ran back and hopped back in line like nothing ever happened. I’m so thankful I didn’t freak out because I would have been shaken up while walking down the aisle. Everything went so great and smoothly, so don’t let anything get to you. Just laugh it off and enjoy.

Favorite moments?

The rehearsal dinner was one of my favorite moments. It was so special to have family there, telling us how much they love us. Also the first look with my dad and husband were memories I will never forget. I wish I could relive those moments forever. I felt like the prettiest thing in the world to both of them.

Photographer: Allison Lewis Photography ~ Venue: Stone Bridge Farms ~ Dress designer: Romona Keveza ~ Cake: Wedding Cakes by Jan ~ Band: Act of Congress ~ Videographer: Greg McKinney, Highlands Creative